The Healthy Benefits of Volunteering

We often associate regular exercise, eating healthy food and avoiding smoking/drinking as forms of healthy living. People are always looking for the next health craze, the latest diet or that new cutting-edge exercise that will help them prolong and lead a healthy life. But one activity that is proven to be beneficial to your health and is often overlooked: volunteering.

Every day thousands of people volunteer in Ireland. We all know volunteering to be a rewarding expereince; it benefits society, volunteer involving organisations and the volunteers themselves. In a survey Volunteer Ireland carried out last year, over 98% of respondents said that volunteering makes them happier. But can volunteering really make you healthier?

A study by United Health Group & the Optum Institute found a direct link between volunteering and better physical, mental & emotional health. The below info graph highlights some of the positive statistics that study has managed to produce.

Companies are increasingly seeing the benefit of employee volunteering programmes which is quiet evident in the info graph below. Kate Rubin, UnitedHealth Group vice president of social responsibility has said,

“Employers enjoy the benefits of physically and mentally healthier employees; those that support volunteering programs in the workplace see added benefits that drive directly to their bottom line.”

Have you found volunteering beneficial for your physical or mental well-being?Or are you interested in giving volunteering a try? On I-VOL, you can find over 3,000 available volunteering opportunities across Ireland. There is an array of inspiring volunteering opportunities available throughout the country and connecting with your local community has never been easier. When you have an idea of how you’d like to get involved or whom you would like to help out – browse I-VOLto click, connect and volunteer!

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