Welcome to your online portal for volunteering in County Roscommon. Roscommon Volunteer Centre is an independent organisation working with volunteers and volunteer-involving organisations.

Roscommon Volunteer Centre is here to support the people interested in volunteering and local community groups that carry out development projects and initiatives. We aim to support the people of Roscommon in further enhancing its places and ways of living, as flourishing, vibrant communities, with volunteering at its heart.

Meet with us!

We are inviting those who are interested in volunteering and community groups/ organisations that involve volunteers to meet with us! We are hosting information stands at libraries across Co. Roscommon throughout the month of November. See details below. We would love to meet you!

Strokestown Library

November 25th 2022


Roscommon Library

December 2nd 2022


Featured Research: World Giving Index

The Charities Aid Foundation have released their World Giving Index 2022. CAF’s World Giving Index aims to measure generosity with three cross-cultural human behaviours. Encouragingly, the overall Index score has increased, indicating that people around the world have been engaging more in the actions measured than during the previous year. In whatever form it may take, the desire to help others has grown in most instances, despite fewer opportunities during some stages of the pandemic. There was an especially marked increase in people who said they had helped a stranger with approximately half a billion more people reporting that they had helped someone they didn’t know. 

This report provides insight into the scope and nature of giving around the world by examining three aspects of giving behaviour. The questions at the heart of the report are:
Have you done any of the following in the past month?
• Helped a stranger, or someone you didn’t know who needed help?
• Donated money to a charity?
• Volunteered your time to an organisation?

Ireland has moved back up the table to 21st place globally for volunteering time.  Findings also indicate that 55% of Irish people helped a stranger and 59% donated money. 

Ireland has moved back up the table to 21st place globally for volunteering time.  Findings also indicate that 55% of Irish people helped a stranger and 59% donated money.

Roscommon Community Volunteers

New Pilot Initiative Launched!

The Community Volunteers is a new pilot programme that offers a new way to bridge the gap between communities that need support and the people who want to help. It gives people the opportunity to get involved in local events and festivals while also supporting more urgent needs that arise unexpectedly, like the community response to COVID-19. 

The programme will help organisations respond effectively to needs in our communities by allowing them to engage enthusiastic, local Community Volunteers through their local Volunteer Centres who have raised their hand to say they want to get involved and help. 

Organisation that would like to engage volunteers:

Community Volunteers allows community organisations to engage volunteers through Roscommon Volunteer Centre that have been recruited, interviewed, skill & interest assessed and ID checked. Volunteers will also be trained in Urgent Community Support and Event Volunteering best practice. Community Volunteers will understand the importance of communication, compassion, confidentiality, managing risks and minding their own wellbeing when volunteering. 

Roscommon Volunteer Centre are now looking to partner up with organisations looking for volunteers to support their events! 

Learn more about the programme here.

Why Volunteer?

Have a listen to this radio interview with Margaret from Ros FM. Shannette describes the value of volunteering and how it is important to personal and community development.